1920-1940 Formation of the patient care system

Formation of the patient care system

At the end of the 1920s an idea was born to establish the Tuberculosis Service District of the Tampere Region, as well as a joint tuberculosis sanatorium for the municipalities located in Northern Häme. The treatment of tuberculosis had started off with voluntary forces, but now steps were taken to another direction in the Tampere region.

The tuberculosis sanatorium project was undertaken by newspaper editor mr. Eino Kilpi, town mayor mr. Kaarle Nordlund, carpenter mr. Artturi Vasama, pharmaceutist mr. Valdemar Dunder, and physician dr. Mikko Ahlman. The committee stated that the sanatorium to be built would have 150 beds. The combined annual tuberculosis mortality rate for all the municipalities represented in the district was 300 people in those days.

Did you know that...

…Initially there was no governmental agency to set up an anti-tuberculosis campaign. It was a result of the efforts of private individuals and civic organizations.