1920-1940 Formation of the patient care system

Work starts under the leadership of doctor Brander

The sanatorium building was completed on a fast schedule despite difficulties. Dr. Armas Brander had been appointed as the chief of staff of  the sanatorium (he held the chief physician’s post in 1931-1957). He was entrusted with the leadership of the hospital, as well as the supervision of the interior decoration and organization of the sanatorium, and he also assumed the responsibility for acquisitions. When operations started the staff was comprised of 47 people, three of whom were doctors (chief physician, junior physician and assistant physician).

The first patients at the Central Häme Sanatorium were admitted on the 10th of August, 1931, and about three months later at the beginning of November the sanatorium was already full. The inauguration took place on the 4th of October, 1931. The inauguration guests included representatives from the state government, the National Board of Health, the municipalities that were proprietors, other sanatoriums, the Finnish Anti-Tuberculosis Association, and several medical associations.

There were four wards; each ward consisting of 40 beds divided mainly into rooms for three patients. Each room had a washbasin with cold and warm water, as well as a mouth-rinsing cup. There was a spacious lounge on three floors out of five, where patients could spend their free time. On the top floor of the façade there was an outwards opening, large hall. The sanatorium’s standard of equipment was very good, as the catalogue lists isolation rooms, a sputum lift, and a pneumothorax treatment room.