2010- New winds are blowing for Pikonlinna

New winds are blowing for Pikonlinna

Pikonlinna was sold by the Pirkanmaa Health Care District to private investors at the end of the year 2007. The principal ownership of the hospital area and land property went into the hands of a group consisting of investors and entrepreneurs in the Pirkanmaa region. The old hospital building has since then been renovated to meet the modern standard requirements governing the provision of various housing, nursing, well-being, and health care services, as well as support services for the afore-mentioned fields. The facilities are homelike and beautiful. An enterprise called Pikonlinnan Kiinteistöt Ltd is responsible for the development of the area, the facilities and the rental of the facilities.

Did you know that...

… Pikonlinna’s honorable discharge from the Pirkanmaa Hospital District ”with full honours” is also its re-birthday – now as a private service provider. This way the great hospital complex can continue its existence as a house providing private services for the modern age.