1970-2000 The largest separate unit

The largest separate unit

The facilities of the Tampere Central Hospital, which was completed in 1962, quickly proved to be insufficient, which is why in 1964 a committee headed by chief physician Eero Linko started to chart out the use of beds in the central hospital and study what possibilities there were to intensify the co-operation between the different hospitals that belong to the central hospital district.

The committee found empty hospital beds in the Central Häme Sanatorium, which led to discussions on renting them. The renting plans were abandoned, however, when a law became effective in 1967, which granted the central hospital districts the permission to also assume responsibility for the anti-tuberculosis programmes. The duties and responsibilities of the Central Häme Tuberculosis District, as well as its assets and liabilities, were transferred to the Federation of Municipalities of Tampere Central Hospital from Jan 1st, 1968 onwards. This incorporation of the federations of municipalities was the first of its kind in Finland. The Central Council changed the name from Central Häme Sanatorium to Pikonlinna Hospital in 1968.

Did you know that...

…Because the facilities in the Pikonlinna Hospital had been designed with versatility in mind it was possible to place other patients from the central hospital to the vacant beds.