1970-2000 The largest separate unit

Ward 25B

Acute cerebral blood flow disorders were diagnosed and treated in the central hospital in Tampere, whereas ward 25 B provided neurological diagnostics in non-acute cases and treated patients with difficult care-related problems. With the exception of the doctors, the staff of the former internal medicine wards continued working in the same place, only now as staff members of the department of neurology.

Ward 25B was a neurological ward, which primarily diagnosed and treated patients referred by a physician. Patients suffered from multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, cerebral blood flow disorders, Parkinson’s disease, memory disorders, difficult to manage migraine and neuromuscular diseases. Neuromuscular diseases encompass a broad spectrum of muscular disorders with various symptoms due to abnormalities in the functioning of peripheral nerves or muscles. This category includes disorders of spinal cord nuclei (e.g. hereditary spinal muscular atrophies and ALS), as well as neuromuscular diseases involving defects in the transmission of nerve impulses (e.g. myasthenia gravis). There were also patients visiting the ward on a weekly basis for static charge sensitive bed recording (SCSB), which was used in those days for diagnosing sleep apnea syndrome.

Ward 25 B also served as a training ward for future neurologists, many of whom have afterwards stated that the learning environment in the 25 B ward was second to none, because the range of diseases encountered was extensive and even included more rare syndromes. The fields of specialty in the ward included ALS, pain conditions and autoimmune disorders, depending on the interests and knowledge and skills of each senior ward physician. Dr  Aki Hietaharju and dr. Turo Nurmikko worked as specialists assuming charge of the ward longer than others, and dr. Hanna Ruottinen was in charge of the ward during the last couple of years. The head nurse’s post in the ward 25 B was held by ms. Sinikka Tuli for nearly the whole time when the ward was part of the neurological department.