1970-2000 The largest separate unit

Pikonlinna provides treatment for rheumatological diseases from 1977 onwards

The initial plans for the transition of the rheumatology wards of the central hospitals into the vacant facilities no longer needed by tuberculosis sanatoriums took place in the 1960s. The chief physician of the internal medicine clinic of the Tampere Central Hospital dr. Eino Linko initiated a report regarding the foundation of a rheumatology ward in 1964. A solution to the space problem was found in the Central Häme Sanatorium, which was incorporated into the Tampere Central Hospital in 1968.

Following the recommendations of the National Board of Health, the director of medical services dr. Linko made a proposition to the executive committee in 1973 to establish a ward and an outpatient department for rheumatic diseases in Pikonlinna. The plan was realized and in 1977 a 31-bed rheumatology ward and an outpatient clinic were opened in the renovated facilities. The rheumatology unit operated in Pikonlinna until 2005 when all its functions were transferred to the facilities in the main hospital.

In addition to everyday patient care, the unit was continuously actively involved with clinical research, which, among other things, produced several dissertations. A dozen doctors earned their certifications in rheumatology.