1970-2000 The largest separate unit


The Pikonlinna co-operative group, which assembled every week, was founded in 1988. The co-operative group functioned in an informal way – it mainly involved advocating common-interest issues of the clinics and reporting to the central board. As some 20 km separated Pikonlinna from the university hospital’s primary location, a level of autonomy did exist.

One of the most important tasks of the co-operative group was to ameliorate the challenges brought about by this distance. It was considered important that Pikonlinna’s operation was coordinated locally and that the central board was kept informed. It was also important that the operations were monitored at general level – particularly from the perspective of patient safety. This in addition to the scrutiny each department subjects itself to.

Significant tasks of the co-operative group included the clarification of space appropriation issues, the accommodation of the ever increasing needs of the departments, and the implementation of new operations. The co-operative group was also able to enhance well-being at work, because the group could easily take the staff initiatives and hopes into consideration. Decisions made by the co-operative group could be carried out immediately without bureaucracy.

The members of the co-operative group were the chief of oncology (dr. Tapani Hakala), the chief physician of pulmonology (dr. Antero Muittari and dr. Aarne Lahdensuo) and the head nurse (eg. ms. Pirkko Valkama). The contact person was the director of finance mr. Reino Taubert. The chairperson’s post was filled on a volunteer basis and was not connected to the group member’s position in the organization. Dr. Hakala served as the chairman of the co-operative group in 1988-2001, thereafter the chairperson’s post was held by senior chief physician dr. Antti Ojala until the year 2007. The co-operative group was active in Pikonlinna until 2007, i.e. until the year when Pikonlinna’s operations were transfered to the Tampere University Hospital’s (TAYS) main location.