1970-2000 The largest separate unit


The so called Piko project started in 1986. It was a development project whose objective was to develop the Pikonlinna hospital into an institute that met the central hospital standards. The project concerned all the units operating in Pikonlinna. Challenges included radiotherapy capacity increase, determing the resources needed to bring rehabilitation facilities up to standard, the augmentation of acute care and increasing outpatient-friendly treatment options. The sub-projects of this undertaking were the treatment of lung diseases and tuberculosis, radiotherapy, internal diseases, surgery and related operations, clinical chemistry and related operations, clinical physiology, and radiotherapy diagnostics.

Matters of functionality and space allocation were addressed. It was decided, among other things, that the Törmälä building would house lecture halls, the medical library and the administrative offices of the clinical departments of pulmonology and internal medicine. In addition, a decision was made to expand the radiotherapy clinic.

The project rendered it possible that starting from October 1987 operations were performed five days a week in Pikonlinna, computer tomography service was initiated in 1987, and the production of cytostatic doses was concentrated in the Pikonlinna pharmacy. The Piko project started in February 1986 and it ended in February 1988. After the project was over a co-operative Pikonlinna group was set up.